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Posted by on May 21, 2015 in About, Blog, Programs, Updates | 0 comments

Satisfying a man is not always easy

Okay, I hear you sisters of London escorts. It is true – satisfying a man is not always easy. escorts say that some dates arrive on their doorsteps with complete unrealistic expectations. They don’t want to meet a sexy companion, they think they are going to be on a porn movie set say some London escorts.

If, that is the case perhaps these gents who date London escorts should re valuate their idea of London escorts services. London escorts are sexy companions, not girls who should be made to please your inner most dark desires. Working life is never easy for London escorts.

Some of the London escorts that I spoke to said that man expect so many different things of you. I am sure that it is not only London escorts who feel this way, many other ladies do as well.

What does he expect?

Being Swedish I know what it is all about. I quite often find that a lot of men expect me to always be this sexy domestic goddess which I am not. Despite many years of Swedish women educating themselves, men still expect us to be sex bombs. It is hard to believe that in year 2015, men will often say to me; ” I have heard all about Swedish girls” with a glint in their eyes. I have given up rebuffing them, now I just tell them it is true, and add that it gets really cold at night in Sweden and that we have a saying. ” Sex or shiver” is what I tell them , and do you know what, most of them run a mile.

Well boys, I have got news for you. Swedish girls are sometimes Au-pairs, but many others are doctors and even quantum physicists.

However, I suppose we are always going to have to live with free love and naked girls playing volley boll on the beach. Yes, it still happens.

Why do men think that they can have certain expectations?

It is hard to say why some men still have certain outlandish expectations of some women. To be honest, I think that when it comes to sex, a lot of men still live in fantasy land and they just day dream too much. Perhaps it is also a certain generation who believes they can demand anything of a woman, and not consider her feelings at all.

A friend of mine works as a test pilot in California, but she still looks sexy and is very feminine. Men who don’t know her profession still come up and look down her cleavage, and tell her what they would like to do to her. She simply asks them if they would like to do that whilst being inverted traveling at Mach 2, and then she shows them her ID. Needless, to say she has in two second flat destroyed their concept of busty blue eyed blondes, and they will probably never pester a woman again.

It is all about pre-conceived ideas, and I wonder if we will have be able to change that.

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