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Posted by on Jan 5, 2017 in dating, escorts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

No Need to Play Innocent with Me

I met this bloke in a bar in London. He tried to chat me up and I must admit that he was doing a pretty good job out of it. What made me laugh was that he told me that he does not normally pick up girls. It was just hysterical, I told him that I had met a lot of men like him and I knew his type from London escorts. At that point he blushed and told me that he loved dating girls from different London escort services at

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Having explained to him that I actually worked for a London escorts service of, he seemed to relax a bit. We started to chat and he told me that London is kind of a tough place to live in when you are a single guy. Chatting up girls and reaching out to women in London is not that easy. You really need to have something in common with most women and he said that he had a hard time finding a common interest.

The fact was that a lot of his interests were sexual. He said that he loved to spend time with women and have sex with women in the same way a lot of gents like to go to the gym. If it did not get some female company at least once a day, he felt that it was something wrong in his life. I meet a lot of guys like that at London escorts, and I do think that they are a bit over sexed. Once you start talking to them. You realize that they are not only into sex but they have a lot of other unusual hobbies as well. Most of them revolve around the world of porn.

Last week I met this guy at London escorts who had a real thing about collecting porn movies. He said that all of the rooms of his flat, apart from part of the living, kitchen and his bedroom was packed with porn movies. When I visited him in his home a couple of days later, I realized what he meant. He had pornos everywhere and they were even catalogued on his computer. I found that really weird. This guy must have spent a fortune on his bizarre hobby.

I don’t think that you would catch the average guy doing something like that. Sure, some of these guys may need a little bit of help as I think that they can easily end up into trouble. Another young guy that I used to date at London escorts, had spent a small fortune trying to launch himself as a porn star. I could not believe me but he was really obsessed with the fact of wanting to become a porn star. That was the first time I had come across that obsession but since then, I have heard of other guys wanting to do the same thing. I suppose it is whatever gets you going and like I say, whatever floats your boat.

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