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Posted by on May 17, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

My mum is trying to control my man



My mum has always been a bit of a control freak. Recently one of my London Escorts asked if I would date him on a personal basis. As I really fancied him, I said yes and we started to go out. It did not take me long to fall in love with him, and we are now a couple. Like so many of the other gents I had met at London Escorts from, he is pretty well off and I think that is what my mum likes about him.


I am not so sure about my mum from time to time. She works as an estate agent and she is always trying to get my boyfriend to invest in property. I have started to dread visiting my mum because she is always talking about different investment opportunities. The thing is that my mum lives in Hampshire and my boyfriend is not keen on investing in things outside of Woodford. On top of that, he thinks that property in the UK is too overpriced at the moment.


Now that I have left London Escorts, I have more time to spend with my boyfriend. He always complained that my mum was calling him all of the time. Now that I am around, she calls him much less. My boyfriend is much more my mum’s age and I actually think that she is a little bit on love with him. I know that he is really handsome but he likes me. Could it be that is what really niggles my mum?


My mum has had a tough time since she broke up with my dad. She has never really been able to find a new love interest. When we last went down to see her after I had left London Escorts, it was almost like she was trying to get her hands on my boyfriend. She touched him all of time, and I got really angry. When we drove home, my boyfriend said that he was getting some funny vibes from my mum. I had to tell him that I was worried that they would go off with each other, but he said no.


Last week my mum called me and said that she was really lonely. I was having lunch with some of my London Escorts friends at the time. She said that she wanted us to move down to Hampshire and live in the same village as her. I talked to my friends about it, and that said that my mum is trying to manipulate us both. It could be true. I have no intention of moving down to Hampshire to live in the same village my mum lives in. She would probably try to have an affair with my boyfriend. That is not going to happen, and no amount of emotional black mail is going to move this girl out of Woodford. There is no way that I am going to lose my perfect man now that I have found him.


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