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Posted by on May 7, 2017 in escorts, Programs, Uncategorized, Updates | 0 comments

How to make your ex jealous

I know that it is not a very good or nice idea to make your ex jealous. The downside is that it does not really build any bridges and mend any wounds. You can in fact cause yourself a lot of pain when you set out to make your ex jealous. It is a bit like being a third party in a relationship, and that does not do you any good at all. Still, I am sure that a lot of London escorts are used to make an ex partner jealous, and I am not the only girl at this London escorts service to feel that way.

On a couple of occasions, I have been fully aware that a date at London escorts have taken me to a restaurant where his ex is going to turn up later in the evening. It is not really fair, but it is a way of saying look at what I have got. The ex wife, or ex partner, does not know that you are from London escorts, and presume that you are a new girlfriend or love interest. To be honest, I feel sorry for the other woman on these occasions, and that is the truth.

Did you know that men can be jealous of each other as well? A couple of weeks ago a gent took me to a really upmarket restaurant in London. He is a regular date at London escorts so I knew him pretty well. As soon as we got into the restaurant, he started to look around and soon spotted his friend. His friend seemed to be enjoying a meal with a pretty girl, but my charlotte London escorts date for the evening was making a real spectacle of us. He was waving and pointing to me. I felt like telling him that he was being silly. It was obvious that he was trying to make his friend jealous.

Men really do go to some extremes to make their ex partners jealous. A really rich guy that I date at charlotte London escorts even bought a new car for our date. He wanted to drive around in in with me for the day, so that he could make his ex wife feel bad about herself. The funny thing was that he told me that she had gone out and bought a little sports car to go with her new “toyboy”, and he wanted to make her feel rotten about them splitting up. Well, considering my London escorts gent is 52 years old, I would have thought that he would have known better.

Yes, we all get jealous at times, but do some of us go over the top? I think that men are worse than women. Some of the gents that I meet at London escorts are like little kids when it comes to new relationships. It is probably never going to change, and I have to admit that I do laugh at them. Men will always be boys and resort to petty acts of jealousy. Women will as well, but I think that we are much more after revenge than anything else. Why make someone jealous when you can revenge yourself on them?

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