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Posted by on Jun 17, 2015 in About, Blog, Programs | 0 comments

Essex Brunettes or Blondes

Essex Brunettes or Blondes

There is so much more to Essex than white stilettos, and girls dancing around hand bags. I had forgotten how wonderful Essex could be before I was introduced to a young lady who works as part of a group of Essex escorts. Personally, I have never associated Essex with Essex escorts but apparently, there are quite a few Essex escorts agencies. Could this mean that Essex has finally grown up, and is about more than fake blondes with equally fake tans?

The young lovely lady I met had been working for a leading Essex escorts agency for two years, and she is one of the most stunning brunettes that I have ever seen. Essex escorts agencies used to specialize in blondes but now there are several brunettes working in and around Essex as well.

Anyway, the lovely young lady is called Annabelle and is one of the most adventurous girls a chap could hope to meet. She comes in a tiny 5 foot 5 package, but this is certainly one lady that you can get more than a kick out of. Before Annabelle became an escort she used to work as a strip dancer, and you can say that she has treated me to a couple of her special dance move.

Despite her young age, 22 years only, she is a very broad minded, and you can easily say that the skies is the limit with this stunning brunette. She loves to look after herself she says, but she only does so that she can look after you. Now that is what I call attention and dedication to your calling, and as far as I know, no gent has been able to fault this girl.

At the moment Annabelle only does out calls, but that doesn’t bother me as I live alone. She can be at my door in 20 minutes when I give her agency a call. Sometimes I do have to wait as she is one of the agency’s busiest escorts. You will never find a cancellation with Annabelle so make sure that you arrange your date on time.

It is easy to think that an escort only needs an hour with you to carry out her services, however this is not true. I am quite new to all of this but I have learned to arrange a bit of extra time so the escort of your choice can fulfill your needs. It is absolutely no point in rushing these things, and I would rather enjoy myself a bit more. An hour for me just isn’t enough!

Annabelle is a versatile young lady, and has accompanied me to many dinner dates. Being such a stunning companion, she sets hearts and loins racing all over the place but it is something I am happy to put up with. At the end of the day, she is my sexy companion for the evening and will be sharing dessert with me.

Dating escorts is an excellent alternative to dating other Essex girls. There is less hassle and absolutely no fuss. For me is the ideal solution to a modern day life style.

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