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Posted by on Apr 5, 2016 in escorts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dressing Up for Love and Fun

Dressing up is an important part of role play, but many just like to dress up. You can perhaps call it a bit of fetish, but I think it is perfectly acceptable. A lot of the girls here at Leyton escorts like to dress up, and I cannot see anything wrong with that. Let’s put it this way, I like to play dress up as well.It started when I was quite young. Of course, at the time I did not have any sexy lingerie, that came later, but I did enjoy playing dress up. Perhaps this is where my fetish for feather boas started, I am not so sure to be honest. Now I dress up a lot, and I like to surprise my dates at Leyton escorts.

more passionate babes in london escorts

more passionate babes in london escorts

The naughty nurse is one of the most popular costumes when it comes to role play. It seems to have been around for ages and it is refusing to go away. This is one of my favorite dress up games at Leyton escorts, and I know that a lot of my gents get a kick out of the naughty nurse.

There are many different variations on the naughty nurse, and if you enjoy this one, you may have a bit of fetish about nurses as well.

The naughty police woman is another one of my favorite dress up games at Leyton escorts. I have the most amazing uniform complete with handcuffs. It is actually one of my favorite as I get to be in charge. I know that I am not the only girl at Leyton escorts who use this one, but I think that I am the most popular girl. You can say that I have sort of taken my police woman to the extreme, and she has more or less become a dominatrix. If that is the sort of thing that turns you on, I think that you should pop down to see me at Leyton escorts.

But, if you don’t like her, I have lots of other things that I could play. About waking up Sleeping Beauty in your own special way. I have a funny feeling that you would appreciate what happens when you wake up sleeping beauty with a kiss.

There has to be something for ladies as well. Now, I do know that a lot of the girls here at Leyton escorts have a thing about fire men. A lot of ladies do have a fetish about fire men. We all want to be rescued by a big hunky fireman and carried away from danger.Most men think that this is the most common fetish amongst women, and I read somewhere that this is a very popular choice around Valentine’s Day.

Dressing up might be a fetish game for some people, but for others it might just be a bit of fun. If you like to dress up, remember to stay safe and do not get too carried away. I do sometimes, and really scare some of my gents here at Leyton escorts. But, then again, they seem to like that.

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