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Posted by on Mar 19, 2018 in About, escorts, Programs, Updates | 0 comments

Are skinny guys more fun out of bed than in bed?

I have to admit that I am not really into dating skinny men. If I am on a night out with my friends from charlotte London escorts, I would be chatted up by a guy with a little bit more meat on him than a skinny guy. Some skinny guys can be very funny to spend time with, but when you look at them without close, they do on occasion look like they are not going to last the night. The funny thing is that I am not the only girl at charlotte London escorts to feel that way. There are times when I have explain to my Polish colleagues at London escorts why I don’t like skinny men. Having grown up in the East End of London, I have kind of been used to bigger men. My uncle owns a Thames barge and is forever traveling up and down the river delivering goods. Most London’s big markets have river access, and he can end up delivering anything from boxes of flowers to fish.

Like I say to the girls at charlotte London escorts, there is no point in being a skinny guy when you never know what is going to be coming your way. I am not a big girl but I really don’t find skinny men attractive. Some of the skinny guys that I have met at London escorts are dressed very well, but they seem to be a little bit nerdy if you know what I mean. I like men who are really physical and strong. At the same time, I don’t want them to be all muscles, it is nice when a man has a little bit of weight on him as well. I am pretty sure that my Polish colleagues at London escorts think that I am a little bit weird, but I am just a regular East London girl. When I go out with skinny guys at London escorts, I try to be as nice to them as I possible can.

However, if I were to sit down and go through my London escorts diary, I think that I would find that the majority of the gentlemen I date are not that skinny. I seem to have a lot more fun in the company of men who have a little bit more weight on them, and I guess that I feel more comfortable around them. They do seem to have a lot more fun loving personalities than many of the other guys I meet at the escort in London. I would not turn a skinny guy away. At the end of the day, working for London escorts is all about being professional. I think that I can stomach a skinny guy for a couple of hours, but it is not the sort of guy that I would like to wake up next to in my bed. It would be a little bit like sleeping next to a skeleton or a pile of bones. My boyfriend is a regular East End guy. He knows that I work for a London escorts, and he has a heart of gold like all East End boys. Yes, he is a little bit of the chubby side, and loves his mum’s roast potatoes and Sunday dinner. I know it is old fashioned, but I rather like a man who can sit down and handle a full roast on a Sunday.

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